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Hello, Love is Greater Photography is owned and operated by me, Joshua White. This is the blog... it will contain all the latest and greatest from our recent shoots, as well as anything else I feel like writing on any given day. Thank you for visiting.

Some random tidbits of information about me: Married since 2004 to my amazing wife. Born in 1981, living in Toledo, Ohio. Have a rad little girl who was born in August of 2010. My favorite things in life are family, friends, doing life with both, love, creativity, authenticity, hope, music, and being a coffee and food snob.

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  • #50pic Friday, Version 1.4

    It’s that time again… it’s time to bring back the #50pic challenge for it’s fourth incarnation!

    Here’s the quick and dirty on what #50pic is: Take fifty pictures on one day (preferably with the rest of us on Friday, May 27th), and then post them all somewhere (Flickr, your blog, Facebook, whatever). It doesn’t matter what the pictures are, or what they’re of… it can just be a glimpse into your life, or you could possibly tell a different story. Whatever! You don’t have to post all fifty as you’re taking them (I usually only share each fifth photo as I’m taking them). That’s it! Once you’re done with your #50pic, if you’d like you can send me all your photos and I’ll include them in a giant post of everyone’s photos I”ll curate and put together on Sunday night. You don’t need a great camera, most people (myself included) just use their smart phone. You can use whatever camera is available to you.

    So get the word out. Share the link to this post to anyone you think might be interested. Then sometime on Friday or Saturday, email me a zip file of all your photos and I’ll be sure to get them included on the final post! Also, if you are going to participate, leave a comment here so I can get an idea of how many people are partaking!

    Email to: 50pic (at) loveisgreaterphoto.com

    Credit where credit is due: I wish I could take sole responsibility for dreaming up #50pic, but I was inspired by an idea from renowned photographer Chase Jarvis. If you are at all interested in photography, I suggest checking him out.

    16 Responses to “#50pic Friday, Version 1.4”

    1. @gregghart says:

      You know I'm a player. And, I'm not working a twelve at the hospital that day.

    2. @cameron987 says:

      Great idea. I'm in!

    3. Lynse_Leanne says:

      I do believe that I am game. Having a 3 hr glucose test….could be fun. haha

    4. Makeda says:

      I'm in!

    5. @Budlow says:

      This should be fun! As long as I can remember, my wife just had a baby a week ago! On the flip side he will give me plenty to take pictures of!

    6. rbcphotogirl says:

      sounds fun… i can do this. i'll be roadtripping with my 4 kids on the way to the beach… so. yeah.
      maybe i'll get my teenager to do the same, his stuff will probably better and more interesting than mine :)

    7. rbcphotogirl says:

      sounds fun… i can do this. i'll be roadtripping with my 4 kids on the way to the beach… so. yeah. i'll get my teenager to play, too… he's bound to shoot some interesting stuff.

    8. Sam says:

      I’m in! I might take my 50 on saturday, considering it’s still Friday your time ;) (I’m from Australia)

    9. Jeremy Barr says:

      All right, I'm in!

    10. Crystal Renaud says:

      I'm in. But I work from home now so it may not be exciting, actually, i can guarantee it won't be exciting :)

    11. Abby Troxell says:

      Your blog hates short comments but I’m in!

    12. I"m in. I"ll be at work most of the day then on the road home to see my family.

    13. Holly Holman says:

      I’m in. Don’t worry — I know I’m getting a late start, but this sounds like a good time…

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